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Just Another Shop


Squire Patton Boggs

It's truly our pleasure. We're looking forward to hearing from you in all our UK offices and supporting you in Breaking the Stigma. This is a serious subject and we're delighted to be working with you to spread the message. You're an inspiration!


Bright. Brilliant. Fabulous.

I've just taken a look at your website and am blown away by your journey. You've taken something very difficult and personal into the open and will inspire many. I'm now following your journey closely and hope many others will do too. Vulnerability is so important. Well done and stick with it.


Addleshaw Goddard

I have just read your talk and am blown away by your bravery. For someone who doesn't suffer depression you have managed to explain it so clearly - I now understand a little. It sounds terrifying but so important to share. Thank you. Truly Inspiring.


North Bar

The personal and moving story was stand out for me. A reminder of how important mental health is to us all, both personally and professionally. Having that partnered with practical tips and knowledge in one session was excellent.